Alexie Bourne grew up on Australian soil in Melbourne, where it was as natural as the air you breathe to sing, play the guitar, and to write your own songs.  She moved to Europe with a British Ancestry Visa and a vision to set about carving her own niche as a songwriter.  Alexie has played over 2,000 gigs, a lot of them solo on acoustic guitar, mixing original songs with her favorite B side tracks from her admired artists.

Alexie´s first release "So Damn Easy", where elements of acoustic, rock, and the electronic blend, producing a distinguished and elegant, melancholy and earthy, pop record produced by collaborator Niko Stoessl . Tracks 3-7 are bound by interlude, lending the album a Soundtrack quality, which together with her Rootsy Melbourne singer/songwriter approach on acoustic guitar, intertwine with programming, making for a strong debut release. "Every Night" received airplay on Austriás Hit Radio Ö3, and music video  „The Painting“ by Bernd Preiml on GoTV.  "Superlastic" and "Do you Remember Love" were featured in American TV Series The Secret Circle.